Plant Machinery Tracking

Protect your Plant and Machinery from Thieves, with Trac360 Tracking Devices

Plant and Machinery Trackers ensure you can fully protect your asset, and assist the police during recovery.

Insurance giants Allianz estimated that theft alone was costing the construction industry over £800 million, and with plant equipment often extremely expensive, there is at high risk of theft.

What makes this worse is how unlikely it is that you will be able to retrieve construction plant once it has been stolen, without the use of anti-theft measures. The Plant & Agricultural National Intelligence Unit carried out some research in 2016, and staggeringly, as little as 9% of machinery is recovered after theft.

Plant+ is a tracking device that will definitely stun you – coupled with IP65 dustproof and waterproof case, it eliminates your worries about malfunction in tough conditions. Using the simplest design the Plant+ unit has the useful ability to cut off the fuel and power without complex wiring. Furthermore, intelligent power management ensures maximum battery protection.

The machine operator can control the machine’s operation using our mobile app, you don’t have to be stood next to it to do this – you can be anywhere in the world! One of the features of the Plant+ unit is you can set the working time hours where the machine will operate normally, for instance you want the machine to work from 8.00am till 5.00pm Monday to Friday, and our system will automatically tell the Plant+ unit to stop the machine from operating outside of these hours. This also allows plant hire companies to set the hire periods for a machine.

Key Features

GPS + AGPS Tracking: Provide up-to-the-minute location updates

Intelligent power Management: Save power when the device stops moving

IP65 dust and Waterproof: Dust and waterproof feature enables it to work under extreme weather and conditions

ACC detection of ignition status: Lets you know when the ignition is switched ON and OFF

Remotely cut off fuel or power: Simple action using the mobile app will kill the engine

Multiple alarms: Alerts will be triggered if vibration or towing is detected

Set permitted working hours: Quick and easy operation to set the working hours of your machine, to stop unauthorised use or machinery operating outside of working hours

Anti-Theft Tips

Fit additional security measures, track and wheel clamps can be easily fitted making it difficult for the machine to be moved.

Add additional isolator switches: It doesn’t have to be a bespoke isolator switch, a simple on / off switch can be wired in to the fuel stop solenoid wiring stopping the engine from starting.

Immobilisation: Off the shelf immobilisers make it difficult for thieves to start the machine without the RFID tag, but this can cause issues for multiple drivers if they haven’t got the RFID tag! BUT if you use a latching relay setup you can have multiple circuits immobilised: Fuel, hydraulics and main ignition feed.

Keys: A lot of older machinery use the same key, its common knowledge on a number of manufacturers machines the same key will fit. Change the ignition switch barrel so the key you use to open the door can’t be used to start the engine.

Postcode: For machinery with cabs have your postcode painted on the roof making them easily identified from the air.

And The Most Important Tip of All – Don't Forget to Fit a unique TRAC360 Device!

For advice or help in choosing additional security measures please use our contact us page.