A small asset tracking unit designed to monitor powered or none powered assets, the unique design and features make it almost impossible to locate once installed. The MYASSET unit is completely autonomous and requires no connection to the asset for power, fully waterproof with a strong magnetic base and tamper alert. The unit in sleep mode cannot be scanned for by people checking to see if there is a tracker fitted UK and European operation come as standard. On wake up the unit will send both GPS and LBS locations to our servers, using our tracking platform, mobile phone or tablet app keeps you in touch with your assets.


GPS + LBS positioning
Allows the location to be pinpointed in real time or periodically

High capacity lithium battery provides up to 3 years of standby time on 1 position per day

Strong magnetic base
Strong magnetic base cover allowing for flexible installation on vehicles or assets

Tracked by
TRAC360 main pc based platform, mobile and tablet apps

Tamper alert
Be notified of any unauthorised removal of the MYASSET unit

Low battery power alert

Rugged IP66 construction
Water-resistant to ensure stable operation in tough environments

Simple to install and transfer from asset to asset – This simple but effective asset tracking solution comes as a complete package.
MYASSET unit – 12 months subscription – postage and packaging

Price - £149.99


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